Moiré Orrery
# Moore Moiré Conjecture My orrery, of the Solar System with an added element of resonant waves surrounding each planetary mass, exhibits fantastical Moiré patterns that may reveal realities about the Sun and Earth and function as an illustration of the similar affect on galactic and larger scales or conversely much smaller ones. ___ ## Hypothesis *Like all evolving beings, and other celestial masses, stars boast of themselves and their observations, amplifying a filtered and biased signal to the surrounding Universe.* 1. gravity waves interact with celestial masses, which cycle/resonate on a time period 2. these interactions are propagated spherically, proportionally to the object's mass or diameter, as gravity/EM waves 3. repeating subpatterns emerge rather than random noise 4. these patterns encode channels and convey information intergalactally 5. computational modelling a smaller scale example reveals some of these appear as signal 6. functions identically to the brain connectome 7. by this we come to understand the brain and the cosmos *Resonant masses synchronize by degrees* ___ ## Notes I made a digital orrery. Noticed that the planets move periodically in their orbits and also rotate on their axes with fixed periods, emitting and consuming gravitational and magnetic fields at low frequencies. I looked up at the night sky, moon and stars, and thought about the music of the spheres; though it would likely be a great noise to the ear. This apparent cacaphony turns out to be a feature of deterministic complexity/compressibility. The instrument of all mass in the neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy in its fractal structure encodes and decodes information of the larger Universe. A model of this process would be able to compute effectively, though absence of photonic mass and long durations of time may fundamentally limit local access to all possible inputs and outputs.

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